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VENZO 880 Vibration Controller
Wave Types: Half-sine, Haversine, Initial and final Peak Saw Tooth, Triangle, Rectangle and Trapezoid.Negative Pulse: Pulses can be in negative directionAveraging: Pulses can be averaged for the control.
VESSTA 9EX MIMO Vibration Controller
Based on the impedance matrix compensation decoupling control, it can accurately control the coherence and the phase between the reference spectrums, achieve online control error correction, to adapt the system characteristics nonlinear
VENZO 8160 Vibration Controller System
Main Classis·Dimension (mm):290*210*60 (VENZO 820); 390*280*60 (VENZO 880); 430*280*60 (VENZO 8160)·Weight:2.6 kg (VENZO 820), 4.2 kg (VENZO 880), 5.0 kg (VENZO 8160)
VENZO 820 Vibration Controller
Rear Panel: connectors include 2/8 Analog Input Channels, a Drive Channel, a100 BASE-T Network Port, an AUX channel (only for VENZO 880, can be adjusted to 2-axis drive control channel), a grounding-end, an External Emergency Abort Jack and a terminal blo
VESSTA 4EX MIMO Vibration Controller
VESSTA MIMO Vibration controller is based on PXIe Bus and DSP board Structure, by the combination of different data acquisition card and output interface card, it can realize large-scale-channel distributed data acquisition
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